From last 2019 July, Lighthouse is initially started to develop for the Design System of Harbor School. But I found it could be used to solve common problems in Web UI.

Here are the points that I share Lighthouse Design System as an open-source project.

Design & Developing in same place and matter (Source of truth)

It was time-consuming tasks moving designs to real development codes. Sometimes it has different shapes or sizes between development and design.

And designers don't have a perfect solution for responsive design; after 10years, responsive concepts appear.

Lighthouse removes this big gap between design and development with the power of Framer. (Framer is React based design tool you can code and design.)

Anyone who uses Lighthouse Design System could design on Framer and directly develop it the same manner. As a result, you can design (or prototype) and develop without messy translator between ✌️.


When I started to develop the system in 2019, I don't have enough experience with the design system. It results in a system that has stringent component rules and hard to use. We always had to make new components for every new design.

So I decide to make a system that involves our characters and flexibility at the same time.

The fundamental point is to split the base unit of your design into smaller tokens, not components. Finally, I can make many variants using base units of the system, and here are the applied principles.

1. Atomic Design with Styletron

Lighthouse's base flexibility is mainly composed of Styletron and inspired by Base Web.

Styletron enables us to merge and divide styles by tiny tokens.

As a result, Lighthouse has a flexible theme system that starts with tiny reusable tokens, not components.

2. Theming

Lighthouse provides a Theme Generator to customize this system to your taste.

It's a simple .json format you can simply import & export it to your project.

3. Overrides

Even though after theming your system, you could find some limit to express your ideas.In these cases, overrides helps resolve this gap to make custom styles for each component level.

Lighthouse offers overriding props enable us to make changes for each component detail.

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