In this section, the basic token structure of the theme is described below.

Theme data is a simple .json format, and each token could be used one by one as a property of the JSON file.


Colors in Lighthouse has three kinds of tokens. Scale / Foundational / Semantic tokens are that. The kinds of tokens are linked rigidly for system balances of strictness and flexibility.

It is fully customizable (edit, remove, add) using the Theme Generator.

Color Scale

The color scale is a base palette of the color system.

Lighthouse used ColorBox from Kevyn Arnott to generate the default color scale. It enables considering hue, saturation, brightness in an acceptable human manner at the same time.

Foundational Colors

The color foundation is the base of the system UI colors.

It includes five kinds that are mostly used in the standard UI system.

primary / negative / warning / positive / mono

(These tokens are only composed of Color Scale.)

Semantic Colors

Semantic colors are colors of application UI that has semantic names.

(These tokens are only composed of Color Scale or Foundational Colors.)


Lightings are uses for box-shadows and overlay to highlight which element could be focused more on the user.


You can add your custom typography styles.

(Font files are not included in the system. Include it manually in your app.)


Essential sizing scales for spacings.


Breakpoints are the point for responding to user's device sizes.


Z-Indexes are used to define layer orders of elements.

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